Services Offered


Glock Blue Label Program

As the area's only Glock Blue Label dealer, we offer large discounts on select Glock firearms in accordance with their eligibility requirements. This includes but is not limited to: Active law enforcement officers, military veterans, corrections officers, and qualifying first responders. Qualifying buyers will be required to provide credentials. 

FFL Transfers

 We are glad to facilitate FFL transfers.  Transfers are processed for many different situations.  Please call for a quote.

Private Party Transfers

 Your private sale represents an agreement between buyer and seller.  We provide the necessary documentation and satisfy all Federal and State requirements.  We offer no warranty on transferred firearms.


 We are happy to appraise firearms upon request.  Please call for scheduling and pricing.

AR Builds

 We stock a diverse selection of AR-15 platform rifle components.  We can advise on the compatibility of parts with each other, however we are not responsible for assembling these parts, nor can we guarantee their function. 

Scope Mounting & Boresighting

Advance notice is appreciated.